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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (known as Impotence) is a significant problem among men to deal with. Some see it as an inevitable end to their sexual prowess while a few are optimistic and assume that there are cures for it. But most men are not aware that the best treatment of impotence is the target the root cause.

Why ED Happens?

There are many causes of Erectile Disorders, they can be both physical and mental, and both contribute to the extent of the problem among young and old men. Basically, impotence occurs when the mechanisms, involved into the erection process, are somehow interrupted. What is causing disruption is probably what causes ED.

The process that finally leads to an erection begins by nerve impulses in the brain that move through the spine to the area around the penis. This is followed by a response in muscles, connective tissue and blood vessels.

Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Medical reasons. Some diseases and conditions can lead to impotence. Diseases that often cause erection problems are those that can damage to blood vessels, blood vessels, connective tissue and muscles in the area around the penis. Examples of such diseases are kidney failure, chronic alcoholism, and neurological disorders.

Lifestyle. High alcohol intake may be one of many prominent reasons behind ED, as can smoking because the nicotine makes blood vessel contraction. Lack of exercise and poor diet can lead to a deterioration in blood circulation or conditions associated with this such as a high or low cholesterol levels that can affect the blood flow needed for erection.

Surgical procedures. Many kinds of surgical procedures can have side effects and damage nerves and blood vessels in the area around the penis. Interventions on bladder and prostate are the most common reasons behind tissue damage and can not be repaired.

Medicines. Medicines, especially medicines that are used to monitor your blood pressure, can directly affect your ability to get an erection. There are many types of medications that can give you an erection problems such as those that inhibit appetite, antidepressants, painkillers, tranquilizers, antihistamines and drugs for high or low blood pressure.

Psychological factors. Between 10% and 20% of all cases of Erectile Dysfunction are due to psychological factors. Problems in your emotional life, such as with your partner, stress at work or problems at home can evoke anxiety, guilt, depression and fear of having sex. All these can hamper the ability to obtain or maintain an erection.

The Numbers

A great number of various researches have tried to answer the question of how many men suffer from ED, and the different researches give the absolutely different numbers. Some claim that one in ten men suffer from ED Worldwide, while others say the figure is up to 30%. A recent study in America reports that 15 up to 30 million American men may suffer from some form of impotence.

The conclusion one can draw is that impotence is often associated with age, with males over 40 to suffer more likely than younger people, although one can not exclude the presence of ED in young men, as it is frequently encountered.


However, whatever the reason behind the disorder is, there are treatments, some are more comprehensive than others. The most widely used ED treatments nowadays are oral drugs from the class of PDE-5 inhibitors, named VIAGRA®, LEVITRA®, CIALIS®. (Learn more about ED Pills)

Before considering any medical treatment, you should make sure that you diagnose your problem correctly. Take a look at the symptoms of impotence and contact a doctor who can advise you on what the best treatment for you is. If you feel that you don't want to visit a doctor, you can turn to our medical team for advice.

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